About Studio B

Studio B has been creating and showcalling captivating corporate live experiences, since founder, Tess Townsend, starting out with a love of theatrical magic and a helpful “can do” attitude 40 years ago.

Since then our clients have given us the opportunity to escort the Olympic Torch to Scotland, the Midlands and Wales; educate 500 pharmacists in Bali, Marrakesh and the Bahamas; bring Dynamo’s magic to Royalty, the Afghani answer to Robbie Williams to Saracen and Nile Rogers to top TV moguls.

We have revealed everything from washing machines to automobiles and celebrated award winners across more industries than we can count.

We have worked extensively across Europe, Finland, the Arctic Circle, Russia, Canada, America and Asia. Every country has its own unique challenges and we embrace the opportunity to seek out new countries, venues and experiences.

We have worked with a host of high profile agencies, top name creatives, awesome presenters, dancers, models and some of the funniest comics in the business.

Whatever the challenge, we operate effectively and calmly under pressure, deliver technically complex shows with efficiency and produce exceptional creative content to engage any audience, whatever the subject, location or delegation

Who Is Studio B

Studio B has been delivering events in a fast evolving, high technical environment since 1984.

We can find the right words and images to convey your messages in captivating and engaging ways.

We create beautiful video and graphic screen content.

We write sharp, energising scripts for actors or your own staff to deliver.

We can provide presentation training to get the most from every moment on the stage or on film.

We can suggest running orders and agendas to get the most from the time you have with your guests.

Once we have devised a brief, we can go on to deliver a first class show or one single aspect or piece of content to delight your delegates.

If we aren’t quite the right team for you, we can recommend others from our extensive contacts across the industry.
If we know someone great, we will share our knowledge. If we don’t, we’ll ask someone who does.

Studio B Skills

Our enthusiasm 100%
Commitment 100%
Reliability 100%
Friendly 100%

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